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Under the Mango Tree

Early in 2009 a long and bumpy road brought us, Minna and Mari, from Nairobi metropolis to Kenyan countryside. The road was dry and big clouds of red dust rose under the car tires. It was a hot day. Finally we reached our destination and stopped under a huge mango tree. In the shade of the tree there was a group of merry ladies waiting for us, all dressed in purple.

Very soon we were engaged in a spirited and lively conversation with the ladies, discussing farming and handicrafts - and negotiating and making plans for the very first collection of Mifuko Kiondo baskets. Eventually, when all was agreed, the newly established co-operation was sealed with a shared feast on delicious fresh mangos and singing songs in Kamba language with hands joined.

Since then have Kamba ladies of Machakos woven Kiondos for Nordic homes.

Picture from our visit to Machakos in April 2015