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Mifuko Trust started a dry toilet pilot project one year ago, and it was ready in November 2017. Now the toilet has been in use for many months in Jane Mutala’s (lady in the middle of the picture above) back yard in rural Kenya; as a shared toilet facility for the local artisan group during daytime as well as a private toilet facility for Jane’s family during other times of the day.  

The perks of dry toilets are that they have multiple functions: while providing a hygienic sanitation system, the waste can be composted and transformed to a nutritious fertilizer. So far Jane has harvested one round of compost from the toilet and stored it in the pit.

Also, she says that she has been using urine as manure for her trees, and has already seen a big difference in how they are growing.

She will harvest the second round soon, since it's almost ready, and use the manure for her plants in the next season. Being able to make her own fertilizer is great, because the industrial ones are expensive, and about 70% of the artisans’ income overall comes from farming. She can also sell the product to other farmers and earn some extra money.

Overall, Jane is very happy on how the toilet has been working and says that no inconveniences have occured. Hopefully we’ll be able to start building the next toilet soon!