Mifuko supports fair trade ideals. We have close working relationships with all our sub-contractors and actively assist them in developing their businesses. It's a two street, as we pass on our own knowledge and learn from them about their traditional techniques.

We hope that our association with these small businesses will help talented artisans to obtain regular incomes, learn about new markets and adapt their existing skills to meet European standards.

Mifuko’s products include jewellery, sandals and bags.

Each product combines traditional African handcraft techniques with Scandinavian design.

Mifuko Oy is a Finnish design company, whichco-operates with several small artisanworkshops in Kenya.

Mifuko works a Helsinki-Nairobi-axis.

Products are made of recycled materials such as tyre inner tubes, men´s shirts and scrap metal.

The materials are purchased from nearby producers.

We employ talented Kenyan artisans and provide them with regular income. We keep our relationships personal and don't aim to mass produce.

Beyond giving the designs a Scandinavian twist, we try not to interfere with the creativity and techniques of our chosen artisans, many of whom we now know as friends too.