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In Machakos the soil is red and the hills are green. This is where our Kiondos come from. When we arrive, Mamas are waiting for us with brand new Kiondos on the stairs of a village church.

Mifuko Kiondo baskets are handwoven of sisal and food grade plastic. Kiondos come in four sizes and in a variety of colors and distinctive Mifuko stripe patterns. Some styles are available with leather handles or straps. These clever baskets are great for many uses and will happily store toys, firewood, magazines, towels, kitchen utensils or clothes. Kiondos are great little helpers in home organizing - see What´s in My Kiondo? in Stories for use tips.  See Kiondos in our webshop.

Weaving sisal Kiondo baskets is a traditional Kenyan handicraft. Mifuko Kiondos are made by women´s self help groups in rural villages of Machakos county near Nairobi. Most of our artisans primarily employ themselves as farmers. The artisans weave Kiondos all year round, but most of the craft work is done during the dry seasons, when they have more time to concentrate on basket making. At times making a living as a farmer can be very difficult for our artisans in Machakos. Making Kiondos brings them financial security by providing an important additional income to secure a living also in times of a serious drought and crop failure.